Antonio Hanna is the owner of Freefall Studios and has been engineering a diverse range of musical styles for the past four years from his Sydney studio.
Working in conjunction with some of Australia's best producers and upcoming artists, Antonio has collaborated with producers such as Greg Stace, Dave Petrovich & Shane Edwards who have between them worked on global artist such as One Dollar Short, Amy Meredith, The Veronicas, Buried in Verona & Tonight Alive.
Known for his meticulous care in song development, creativity and artistic integrity, Antonio takes great pride in his work and delivers consistently high results of international standard.

Dylan Nash is a producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Sydney, Australia. His eclectic musical appreciation and influences allow him to offer a personalised experience, tailored to the artist's vision.
As a songwriter, producer and frontman of 'The Never Ever', Dylan understands the writing, recording and touring process of Australian musicians and through his production he aims to support them in reaching the next level of success.